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Animal Communication

Introduction to Animal Communication

During the first half of this weekend the attendees will learn the essentials of animal communication, otherwise known as interspecies telepathic communication.  You will remember this natural ability is within us all and learn skills that will provide you with the foundation level of communication with animals.  Have you ever wondered what your animal is thinking? Having learnt to communicate with animals from scratch Pea believes animal telepathy is not a God-given gift but a learnt skill like a new language – the language of animals.

There will be practice sessions with visiting animal guest teachers and you will also practice to communicate with your own animal using their photo to link in distantly. You will leave with the tools to practice your communication with your own beloved animals at home.

Love and Loss

On the second day of this workshop you will discover ways to support an animal during illhealth and as they approach their transition.  You will learn how to prepare for their passing, how to recognize when they are ready and whether or not they will need assistance.  Pea will also talk about the grieving process and the various stages of grief, including disenfranchised grief. You will learn how animals feel about dying and death and how best to support them from direct communication.  The aim of this workshop is to empower you at a most difficult time, to give you tools to draw on for courage and strength and to help you understand what happens to your animal’s soul when they leave their physical form.  

Countless magazines have featured her work and consulted her for her expert opinion; Kindred Spirit, Spirit and Destiny, Prediction, Psychic News, Vision, Resource, NOW, It’s Fate, The Healer (Harry Edwards Sanctuary), The Nouveau Detective (France) and Animal Rescue magazine (Mayhew Animal Home).   www.animalthoughts.com                   Click Here to View on Amazon

5pm Friday to lunch Sunday

Cost including accommodation and full board:   £285 per person

Full Board non-residential:  £220

Maximum 8 participants

PEA HORSLEY is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator and teacher. Pea teaches animal communication courses across the UK and Europe to adults and children from all walks of life, with current attendees aged from 10 – 87. Her private practice client base reaches every corner of Great Britain and beyond, touching 20 countries across the world. Pea is the featured animal communicator in Your Cat magazine in 2013 with a column called Heart to Heart.

April 11-13

with Pea Horsley