White Horses Retreat Snowdonia
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White Horses Environmentally Friendly

There are solar panels on the roof of the main house which heat the hot water supply . This is supplemented by the Bio-mass boiler below in winter or when there is insufficient sunlight available.

The Bio-Mass boiler uses sustainable fuel in the form of wood pellets. It is extensively automated and super efficient, coordinating with the output of the solar cells to additionally heat the hot water if required.

The landscaped gardens, orchard, vegetable and herb gardens are all organic, using the leaves, grass cuttings and home vegetable waste to produce compost, as well as manure from the local horse farms.

We use freshly grown produce, either from our gardens or locally sourced, whenever possible.

The annex has the maximum allowable number of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, generating extra electrical power to the grid all year round.

Compost made from leaves , grass cuttings and uncooked  household waste.