White Horses Retreat Snowdonia
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Previous Workshops


The Science & Art of Meditation – a Universal Course

The Quiet Mind – yoga and meditation

Silent Presence


Liangong Shi-ba-fa Qigong

Tai Chi     

Qigong and Shiatsu by the Sea  

Wildgoose Qigong & Meditation by the Sea


Eat your way to good health

Holistic Healing

Laugh your Way to Happiness

Tibetan Self Healing  

Overtone Chanting

The Divine Healing of Sound

Reiki Refresher  

Blessed are Those Who Mourn – How can they be? A Workshop addressing Loss and Grief


A Weekend of Holistic Wellbeing


RUMI –Searching for God in all Creation

RUMI – Recovering the Sacred in the Contemporary World

Discovering the Keys to Abundance  

Dowsing for Personal Development

Loving What Is  - ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie

NVC – Communicate with Power & Compassion

The Game of Transformation

The Course in Miracles

Trusting our Inner Voice

The Kabbalah – Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World                                   

Know Yourself – A Journey Through the Chakras

Coming Home – An Exploration of Celtic Spirituality

Landscape Painting